Protection: Why Do We Need It and Who From?

Most of us are average people, minding our own business and seeking to become the best that we can be.  However, as I study energy, nature and spirituality, I notice that so many systems incorporate a heavy dose of protection mechanisms into their work and I could not help but ask the question why?  Who would want to hurt me when I know I have not done anything to anyone.  What I realized is that I did not even understand all aspects of the nature of warfare.

Attacks from Family and Friends

One day I sat in my office and was taking way too much time to get my thoughts together.  They were coming so fast, but were all jumbled in my head and as soon as they came, they’d leave. Then I’d become sleepy or get a headache when I

protectionhad determined to complete the task at hand.  As I pressed through the mental drought, I saw on the sides of my eyes, a clear wall of plasma and I could hear someone say, “nothing that they do will prosper!”

Who were they referring to and what did that have to do with me?  I discovered that sometimes enemies of my forefathers may have quarreled with another family and

received a curse that was passed down to subsequent generations….namely me.

And then there were christian family members who REFUSED to accept my desire to explore traditional religions.  They prayed to their murderous, bloody entities to stop me so that I would come back to the church.  “Don’t let anything she does prosper so that she can come running back to us.”

I consider all of this an attack.

Generational Curses

In some family bloodlines, there is a barren woman in each generation and in others there is a legacy of cancer and diabetes.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is just how they eat because I’ve watched a number of specials where those over the age of 100 enjoyed slices of bacon or a cigarette after dinner everyday of their lives.

Then  there are those families that battle various things like Crones disease, Down’s syndrome, slow learning, spina bifida, and various other maladies that have been misnomered as genetic.  Now I use to tout the word ‘Genetic’, in fact one of my favorite high school courses was Bio Genetics.  I soon learned that all of it was a bunch of crock.

Genetics Shmenetics

Hog wash!  All things are energy!  Be careful what people say, specifically pompous, arrogant people because they will vomit logic that is not logical.  Most ‘so-called’ genes are not identifiable.  A woman can get 15 guys from off the street in any country that will DNA match to her child by 99% — that’s just a human thing.  How do they know they are looking at genes and not some malformation on their microscope lens?

I have gotten to the point where I really don’t believe a lot of what so called educated people say, but I digress.


We know that these negative things exist.  People can find themselves in places where there is no money, no love, no health , no happiness, etc.,  — these are not the common or desired existences for any of earth’s children.  Protection becomes vital because quite honestly, you should not care one iota how much somebody does not desire you or your family to prosper, IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO PROSPER!  And when I use the word prosperity, I do not mean just money, but prosperity in every aspect of life — love, health, money, education, etc.  Anyone who does not desire that for you, must be dealt with so that you can be free.

And sometimes you must break away from people who are feeding you these energies and holding on to you so much so that the proximity to them keeps you in bondage.  Know when to separate or break away.

How will I know, you ask?  A wise person once said to me, you will know how well a person can treat you, by how well they treat themselves.  Do the people you hang around treat themselves well?

Am I Guilty of Challenging Others?

Ask yourself the question.  I have said many times that the war against the black man may have come from the mouths of the black women.  We’ve all known women who have been hurt or slighted by a man, yet instead of speaking life into the man and saying something like, “i know you will love me and the kids.” OR “I know you will learn to love someday.”  What?  Nope!  Instead we say, “you *&&^, good for nothing blah blah blah — no good will ever come to you and I wish  ______!”  You fill in the blank.  No matter how much you are hurt or what others have done to you, be careful what negative things you say about others (especially your own children) because they can become an energy that will become a curse that will not only affect HIM, but generations after him.

Don’t Take it Lightly

So as you study the traditions of Timm and Bukaata pay attention to the teachings about protection.  Be mindful of the things that you do and say.  These ill energies must be dealt with so that we can enjoy abundant, prosperous and happy lives, not only for ourselves, but for our children.


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