Do you have recurring #dreams about #…

Do you have recurring #dreams about #dragons? Find out what it means with a true #shaman.
dragon cloud

Dragon Phenomena by RT

This morning I saw an odd cloud. First I noticed the wings and since I had been collecting feathers, I figured it had something to do with that. Then I noticed a head, not the body, but the head only……of a dragon that looks like this pic, but his mouth was closed. The first thing I could think of to say was, “you came.” I’d called him this morning.

I told him some things and asked for guidance. Then I ran to get my tablet to take a pic. When I got outside he was fading away. My camera jammed, “damn!”

By the time I got it unjammed, within 3-5 minutes, he was gone……til next time.

Do you have dragon friends/relatives that visit you in your dreams or in real life? Be re-introduced to your family in nature….

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