I promised you this post a while back and here it is.  Don’t be fooled.  The very thing that draws you to someone could be what #kills you.  But you are not left to figure this out because you mapped out the plan before you were born…..it’s in the stars.  And maybe it’s not such a bad karma.  The first three sections of this post were originally written on August 1, 2014 on my Facebook page. Eight days prior to Mike Brown’s death.  You will soon see the significance of the number 8 as you read on.

My Interest has to do with My Stellium and a Need to Understand Life’s Purpose

I couldn’t sleep last night, but it was okay. I haven’t been inspired in a while and someone may need this. As I pored over the natal, transit and synastry charts of #murderers and their #victims deep into the night, I noticed that there were similar aspects in the natal synastry of my ex and I. He’d always said he felt like he could murder me, but he didn’t want to go to prison. The relationship was #violent. I was compelled to leave (thanks to the spirits) and I am glad I did, even though in some ways I do still feel drawn to him in an eery way. I’ll make this quick.

Soulmate or #Killer

It’s been said there’s a thin line between #love and #hate.  I say it’s a thin line between great sex and murder or intense interactions and murder.  Beware of soulmate aspects that could draw you to your murderer like sun moon conjuncts. Also, having one of the aspects below does not mean someone will kill you, but if you have a lot of them, and the relationship is already fucked up, just leave. Not only could these aspects mean physical death, but emotional, mental or spiritual defeat.

The following aspects could mean many things, but here’s what you should look out for when comparing your natal synastry with someone, you question has your best interest at heart:

Jupiter square Pluto
Mercury conjunct Uranus
Pluto conjunct Mars (this is a biggie and the Mars person is usually the murderer)
Neptune conjunct Sun
Mars inconjunct ASC
Mars square or opposite Saturn
Mars square any of the outer planets
Neptune in the 9th house
Uranus or Pluto in the 12th House
Pluto conjunct Sun
Pluto conjunct or square Black Moon Lilith
Mars opposite Moon
Mars square Mercury

Key Aspects

These are just a few, but the main thing is hard aspects, squares, oppositions, conjuncts with Mars, Uranus, Pluto type harsh planets AND a lot of these showing up in natal synastry charts between two people. Believe it or not, some of this will translate to great sexual chemistry, but be careful if you have a lot of Mars squares and you are already fighting like animals or you don’t understand why you can’t get along OR he or she has already TRIED to kill you and then you took them back OR you have thought about killing someone you have this synastry with, but you don’t see yourself as a murderer. And especially stay away from people you have this kind of synastry with when transits show Pluto or Uranus is conjuncting your Vertex. Whew! I’m done for now.

The remainder of this post was written 12/12 to 12/13/14 around midnight.

Now to the Maps — Two #Taurus #Bulls Collide and set off a #Nation

Everyone has been talking about the killing of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO.  I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to prove or disprove what many astrologer’s think about murder synastry.  Let’s look at the individual charts on the day of Mike’s death and then a synastry chart between the two.  Keep in mind, there are numerous aspects to review, but I will only look at the ones that jump out at me.  I loved mythology as a young girl and like to view astrology in light of the personalities of the gods and goddesses.  Feel free to provide your comments or links to other interpretations:

Mike Brown’s Chart on the Day of His Death  – birthday May 20, 1996

From an overall glance, death charts always seem to point in one main direction.  Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the Sun all transiting the seventh house.
These are big players in the house of partnerships.  Love, communication, the bigness of life and the sun all in the house meaning Mike may have felt he had something to prove or stand up for this day and keep in mind, it was the fulfillment of a super moon that day.  He was tired of the shit.

Mars in the Ninth
The god of war in the house of the law….hmmmm. Need I say more.

Moon in the First
A supermoon in the house of me is not a good combinations with war in the house of law.

Darren Wilson’s Chart of the Day he Killed Mike Brown – May 14, 1986

Alright y’all.  Don’t be mad, but Darren was sick of the shit too.  Similar transits, basically the same transits perhaps because of the same birth sign.  Same major transits in the 7th house, same god of the underworld in the last house.  You could consider Pluto’s presence to be the end or a new beginning, but would old man Pluto be in Darren’s house for a different reason?  I would venture to say Darren feels he is living in his own hell right now.

The only transit difference that day was that Darren was in no mood to negotiate with Mars in
the 10th, but with everything that had been happening in Ferguson up until that time, neither was Mike.  The big difference is Darren had the gun and a badge…..actually that was a huge difference.

Hell, these two did NOT need to meet on THIS day.  It was a meeting made in hell, if you believe in hell.  Okay, now for the synastry.  This is the first time I am looking at these two charts so this is pretty enlightening with regard to the mindset of the two men….I don’t care what the fuck anyone says in court.  I don’t think Darren the bull was scared……at all!  I ain’t never met no scared bull…..have you?

The Synastry between Darren and Mike

Of all of the aspects I mentioned above, the following apply with these two guys:

There are 8 (EIGHT) conjuncts, most between major planets to include the Sun, Venus (love), Jupiter and Mercury. These two, if they had been friends, would have probably been best friends.  WOW!  Talk about being drawn to your killer.

Where did they go wrong?????? This situation is more like bad timing, bad location, bad history, but not bad stars!!!!  And that Super Moon did not help one bit!  The only thing that the stars show is that it was Mike’s time and Darren must have agreed prior to their being born, to facilitate Mike’s transition.  I know y’all.  I know.  I can only tell you what I see.  The whole situation was ordered so to speak.  But this is just how I see it and I welcome the interpretation of other astrologers.

It’s almost like all the planets, which you can really consider to be bodies of life just like you and me, agreed except for Moon or should I say Super Moon oppositions so these guys were just used by the Universe or agreed with the Universe to bring about some changes. In this case, instead of being head strong, Mars decided to do some bargaining with all the majors in order to get his way…hmph. I gotta get the tarot cards out for this finale…..

Final Draw

I’m just going to do a quick three card spread simply asking what is this really all about?  I’m pretty sure I already know so I’ll pull the cards and let you be the judge.  FYI — four cards popped out of the deck during my shuffle like, “Pick ME Dammit!”  This is too deep for me…..no it’s not…I love it!  I’m going to give them to you like they popped out at me:

A struggle ensued in order to promote balance and growth simply because it was time for it.  The numbers of two of the cards reduce to 8, the number of new beginnings.  It was time for change in Ferguson and in this country.  But people are willing to work at it because intuitively there is a since of a need for balance and positive growth and change.  America is home…for all of us and everyone wants their home to be peaceful.  And if we do the hard work, we’ll see the fruit of our labor.