What Life is in your Hands? #Ley #Lines of the Human Body

Let’s return to the mystical for a moment, something that I oh so love to do.  Please give me leave to dance on the wild side.  RT

There’s More to You than Meets the Eye

Have you ever been driving to work for the umpteenth thousandth time and ended up there without really remembering the journey?

Have you ever forgotten a pin number or password, but was able to dial it anyway when your fingers touched the dial pad?

Are you a hair stylist or make up artist that ended up with a grand design that you’d really never thought of?

Have you ever painted a picture or sat down to type a manuscript or write a piece of music and had no clue about the outcome until it was all over and ended up being a masterpiece that blew even your mind away?

Do you know where the ‘u’ is on your computer keyboard?  You may not, but your hands probably do!  Let’s talk about it.

The Realization

I have experienced may of the examples above over the years, and a few months ago I thought of something.  My hair is currently in twists and I like to do various hairstyles, but can never think of any.  One day I just decided to let my hair go where it wanted to go and I raised my hands and began styling, without really looking or paying attention.  Before I knew it I had this beautiful style and each day afterwards there was something different and new…once I started styling without thinking about it that is.

Eventually I began getting up in the mornings and asking to my hands, “what are you going to do with my hair today?”  Once I started trusting them, my hands that is, I never had another “bad hair day” unless I chose not to do ANYTHING to it!

Previously it had never occurred to me that “I” am not necessarily my hands.  When I learned to type in high school, I’d  type so fast that none of the other students wanted to sit by me during tests because my pecks kept them from focusing.  I did not think much of it then, but as time passed my hands started to make me feel like they weren’t me and that they were actually smarter than I am…..IKR.. reminds you of the Addams Family…..LOL!

The Council of Three…..or More!

We’ve been told that each human body gets one spirit and if you have more than that you are possessed…LOL!  This is NOT true in my opinion — keep in mind I said my opinion, because even if you had one spirit, your body would still have to be ‘possessed’ for it to be alive.


And how do you know YOU are not possessing a lesser spirit’s body?  I mean don’t you sometimes express a personality that is not typical for you?  Perhaps that is the real owner even though you’re doing most of the driving – LOL!!!!

I believe everyone starts out with at least three major energies, and some people entertain more types of energy that attach to their bodies at birth and during their lifetimes.  Some of these energies arrived disembodied (not in a body) and some are emanations (births or energy sprouts from other people you know who ‘get into you’ {be careful of the company you keep because energy is contagious!}).  The primary ones are the one in your heart, the one in your hands and the one in your feet and some people have another in their private parts, legs, or head.  Remember I said this is my opinion!!!

Your brain is just a physical hormone producer and carrier of DNA memory like your other physical parts, which is why your history can never be hidden from you….it’s written inside of you, unless you block it with too much food, drugs, fluoride or lack of concentration.  Also, the physical body itself has a certain ‘type’ of slower moving energy, however it is typically not charged enough to cause a body to have a personality without ‘thinking energy’ or a spirit as we like to call it.  Just like you have different animals, flowers, planets, and other substances, there are different types of energies and not all of them do the same thing — I may  get into that another time.

Now, if you remember the dolls Chucky or Annabelle, you may say these dolls harbored ‘thinking’ energy (Chucky is fictional, while Annabelle was a real character).  From time to time stronger energies can animate or possess dolls or objects, however they do not usually live lives as humans do, but they can influence human life through the less animated object.

As you go through life, you encounter spirits or ‘thinking’ energy that wants to join in with your group (or take over the group).  You encounter personality changes in people all the time and just call them moody or make jokes about it being ‘that time of the month’ but males are sometimes worse than females with these personality changes!  Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t know what came over me!”  Sweetie, I’ll tell you.  The christian concept of one main devil is so off the mark. Homeboy cannot be in millions of people at the same time and even if there was a hierarchy with a king demon, it is very unlikely that someone that powerful will be in your kid.  There are many spirits.

A Wheel in the Middle of a Wheel — Concepts about #Aging

The bible makes reference to ‘a wheel in the middle of a wheel” and such is life.  Everything is in everything is in everything.  I’m sure there was some personality out there similar to the christian Jesus and his living may have happened similarly to what everyone is told, though I doubt it.  Even still, the story of that human life, parallels the story of a race, which parallels the workings of the universe, which could also be a code book for the movement of a race across the globe and they may not even realize it.  For example, the parting of the red see could have been a fire and the temptation in the wilderness could have been a rough patch of life because EVERYTHING is symbolic and there is NO PHYSICAL THING that is not first patterned after a concept……period.

The Universe is very dynamic and elliptical so it is all connected and just like you can have triplets, you can have more than one spirit.  It is the Ellipse of Life meaning it is NOT a perfect circle and destiny can be changed and everybody DOES not reap what they so…..this ALL ENERGY is full of caviats!

Your body is made up of more than one part:  why can’t it have more than one spirit and still be considered normal?  All physical beings are just actors playing out the mind of Universal Thought so all that has occurred in spirit/energy or in nature occurs with you.  If Earth, your mother, the one who feeds you, and clothes you, harbors many spirits….then babe so do you.

Here’s another thought about energy:  If seratonin, is an organic compound (which is what you are — a large organic compound made up of water and minerals), it is still energy that affects you because all is energy. Now if seratonin can regulate, cause, affect, etc., that means it is thinking energy because it has a job to do and it does just that.  Plants have a different type of organic compound and Mr/Ms Seratonin is only found in mammals and it appears that for the best effect, energy must combine with our concept of physical to make the BIG BANG!

Doctors do NOT have a good explanation for “mental disease” or minds that cause you and others around you to be ill at ease.  They also don’t have a good explanation for aging.  With conditions like schizophrenia, meds only numb you down so that ALL of the personalities are disabled to include the physical body or slower moving energy.  A spirit cannot activate a dead body without invoking other thinking energies (which most people don’t know how to do ) and this is why people don’t like deadening drugs, and if you remove all or most of the dopamine energy, then you are deadening the body so spirits/energies can’t thrive inside that body. NOW, I am not advocating that you should not take your meds especially if not taking them causes you to negatively affect others or to hurt yourself.  It takes a lot of energy and control to handle powerful energy so don’t try to do it alone.

And perhaps aging is a result of ‘thinking’ energy that has tired of living in a particular location so it moves and you die.  One at a time, they move out until the body no longer has life and thinks like a child again.  The key to eternal physical life is convincing said energy to stay with you for as long as you want it to or developing your MAIN energy so that it can do the tasks alone.

Ley Lines:  Our Mother’s Joints

The Earth or Gaia as we sometimes call her has numerous locations and spiritual/energy/magnetic manifestations, that are stronger in some places than in others. Now for those of you who think earth is not a person, you are fooling yourself because if she were dead, so would we be, at least physically.  She’s a body with a spirit just like us, made up mostly of water, just like us.

We are told that she has joints or tectonic plates and some call these joints or faults in earth’s tectonic plates “ley lines”, which are known to harbor mystical energies and magnetic fields.  Your hands are and feet are separated by ley lines that doctors call joints so perhaps each section harbors it’s own magnetic energy.  Hmmmm.  What would we do if we found Earth is shaped like a woman.  We are depending on government photos of her because nobody else can get to the moon.  What other truths do you depend on government for  — LOL?

Okay So I’m More than One Energy, Now What,  My Family Can’t Deal?  The World is NOT Ready for Us, I Mean Me.

Here’s the truth.  Even if you have a child that is out of control, eventually you will get tired of dealing with them — so they grow up and that’s a good thing.  Most people will tire before being consistently able to control strong tendencies.  If you harbor a negative force you don’t like (depending on what you call negative, because that term is relative), ask them to leave.  Now, I don’t know for sure if they have just as much right to be there as you, because you may have made an agreement with them to travel together and if that pact was approved by the powers that be, you may be stuck with them.  Believe it or not, most spirits are quite reasonable and if you talk to them with respect and stop hating, trying to kill, exorcising and damning them, they may just leave or do as you like.  Or you can invite a more powerful benevolent energy to control them for you and the lesser entity will probably just leave.  It’s easier to fill space than to empty it out because one of the HUGEST Universal laws is that IT, whatever IT is HATES a VACUUM or empty space.

Now, on a serious note, if you had a pretty good upbringing and you still entertain thoughts of murder, rape, molestation, etc., you could harbor too much animal or caveman energy in your DNA or just had bad things done to you and it is now learned behavior or you received an impartation or emanation of someone’s #energy.  In this case therapy could help, specifically for young children and some people, just have to be locked the hell up…..meaning — chain gang.

More Quick Thoughts:  #Third #Eye or #Pineal #Gland Malfunctions or Not

Close your eyes.  What do you see?  You still see don’t you?  Most people dream with their eyes closed, which does not stop them from seeing or hearing so #hallucinations are just #dreams while you are awake, which just means you are more sensitive than others.  Perhaps your physical ailment is in the pineal gland.  It could be oversized, -over-activated (too much sugar) or calcified, so maybe reducing it in some way or getting rid of fluoride can help you control the inner eyes and ears and stop hallucinations without stopping the rest of you.  Hmmm.  Did I just come up with a cure for psychosis?

Whew, that was a mouth full, or three :).


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