The Spirit of the #Owl

“I fly right at you; see my eyes they are filled with light, cutting through the dark. I fly right at you, into you.” Voice of #Owl medicine speaking through Amaya

When I read these words today, I was shocked. Recently, after a few months of dealing with deceitful people, I felt drained and isolated. I knew these people had come into my life because I had to reveal to them what they needed to know so they could go to their next level, but who wants to hear about themselves –– hardly anyone and it turns me into the enemy.

Last night during meditation to consult with my #spiritguide about this, while in a trance, a white owl, seemingly made of light with wings spread, flew over me and starred wide eyed at me and acted as if it wanted to fly into me. Initially I thought I was being attacked but I wasn’t afraid and the owl made no frightening noises. She just flew at me, then retreated and hovered, then flew around me and at me again as if she was trying to tell me something (the way a dog would do). Her eyes were brightly lit, except for the irises and I say ‘her’ because I sensed the owl was female, but definitely not physical, but made of light. She was beautiful and surrounded by a glowing aura. We interacted for some time until I was off into another scene. That interaction led me to the post at, which I think is highly enlightened and truly amazing. 

 Thank you Amaya for allowing Spirit to use you.

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