Twin Flames: The New Love Relationship Part I

I dedicate this piece to my Twin.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Am I pressuring you to give me more than you should or do you feel comfortable with me….and do I care? When it comes to relationships, especially the spiritual ones with #twinflames, we have to be careful to avoid what is expected by the status quo because there are typically very clear reasons for your coming together on this plane. So often, specifically in a woman’s baby-making years, women find it almost impossible to avoid pressuring men into settling down, starting a family and forgetting about their dreams in order to take care of us, but is that fair? What are we afraid of if we know that by doing good to this person and loving them unconditionally, they will always be there? Twin flames are protected you know.

I’ve Identified my Flame, Now What?

Breathe. Relax. Smile. Be Happy. Pour cold water on yourself…….. and listen. Hear what the #Universe and the #Elders are saying about what direction you should take. How should you interact with this person? How should you love them? How can you temper your intense feelings of oneness and your total, complete understanding of this person (they are your twin) while at the same time being separated or watching them ‘think that they’ love another. How do you handle the jealous wife who hates the fact that you understand and relate to her man so much better than she does. You have to do it with real #love, meaning the agape kind and not the eros type. #Eros has to be put in his place because Mr. E has a tendency to blind us, make us deaf, and cause us not to think, but to be selfish and act in such a manner that if we don’t get what we want we will die…… you won’t. If you trust me and know that you won’t die if you don’t fuck your flame, at least right away, then you can bet your money that your time with them will be worthwhile and invaluable because it will have right purpose.

How Do I Identify a Flame?

You can do a #synastry chart with a possible flame and look for the following:
-there are lots of sun/moon/Venus conjuncts (this can also indicate soul mates)
– typically the closest planets to earth are either in the same sign or the same element (water/fire/air/earth)
-in composite charts, 1st and 12th houses have lots of planets

Good luck in your search for twinfabulousness!


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